Cheer-Up Song

There was a little old woman
wearing a bright yellow coat.
Trying to make herself feel better
from the pain in her throat.
She biked along the waterfront
and almost crashed into the trees,
looking at the clear blue sea
that she had invisioned in her dreams.
People smiled at her,
as she biked beside them.
Her heart was cheering up,
even though she was dying.

This little old woman stopped to buy an ice-cream.
She biked to the wharf,
and watched many boats roll in.
She said, “Sweetend day,
sweetened life,
yummy ice-cream,
what a delight.”
Summer by Summer,
Winter by Winter,
this old woman sang her cheer-up song.

Cheer-Up Song
I am free,
I am pretty,
I am alive,
I am loved.
My whole body is my vessel
for my journey’s long.
I have played a million roles,
and explored a trillion roads.
I am no superwoman,
But I keep going even so.

Emotion was always around her
even when numbness was all she felt.
She trailed onwards
and rode around on her bike,
finding friends whenever a person was in sight.

This old woman expressed her anger,
sadness, joy, love, and strength.
Her family knew her
as a grounded, wise and loving friend.

This old woman sat in her favourite garden
full of yellow sunflowers
and kauri trees,
while she talked to children about her life,
and laughed with them joyously.
Full of inspiration,
her dreams had come and gone,
But as she travelled forward,
she kept singing her cheer-up song.

Cheer-Up Song
I am free,
I am pretty,
I am alive,
I am loved.
My whole body is my vessel
for my journey’s long.
I have played a million roles,
and explored a trillion roads.
I am no superwoman,
But I keep going even so.

Amanda Heyes

Speaking Through Poetry

With the following poem
there is no way of knowing
what it is about exactly

But perhaps if you read it
your mind will wake up and feed it
till your edit is clear and defined


People colour their lives with rainbow faces
sprinkle golden flakes on their lips
and shower their eyes with cotton candy traces

Flowing through the chocolate waterfalls
their minds are lit with minted sweets

Craving doorways to glacier places
wishing for marshmallow floors with hot chocolate spaces

Their hearts swaying through blank cookie crumbles
heading toward strawberry peach land
as they follow the red carpet
to streamers of luxurious caramel samples

Reaching for reality while dressed in liquorice strips
Their cola bottled ears are leaking fizziness

Connected together their dreams would be better
with creamy vanilla frosting with jelly beans on top

Dancing in streets with ice-cream under their feet
life turns to apple crumble without custard or cream

Red fondue towers and charcoal flavoured powers
the sweetness can be hidden in raspberry souffle

Precious cupcakes soaking in blackberries breathe well on display
come closer to the lightened flavours to allow the taste to stay

Follow cheesecake through the samurai to gather their strawberry shortcake
fight with the gummy bears to notice the watermelon sauces again and again

Journey along as the bananas sing a song of the delicious carrot cake
tomorrow will show us the bread base before us
as we notice the smaller buffet

Amanda Heyes

Saying Goodbye

Lights sparkle and create a silence, a loving silence
Spreading through the hours, moons envelope our strength
We sacrifice our hope for a moment

Guidance of the universe screams forward
No journey has past without value
A gate has closed, but certainty of significance dances in the air

Dreams swing by as the light turns to darkness
Swaying our love, pressure falls between us
Settling in surrender, saying goodbye is hard

Flapping deeper, the wings start to come loose
Our brow falls down, drenched in a new awakening
Where does the road lead now?

Slowly filling with strength again, minds remember joy
Sweet angel calls, you know you are not alone
Adventures continue and love of the lost will always be close

Amanda Heyes

Poem: Musical Sound Waves

How could I forget one of the most important parts of my life?
Music, humming, and singing
How much I have loved the power of music
the passion that flows through me
All the life I feel through rhythm
My heart that dances in the sky
so much joy, so much height
Of all the oceans that clear out towards us
and the notion of the trees growth and balance
through earth of living seas
sweeping up above the moon
swinging around the sun
and jumping through universes
Sound waves drift
making universes collide
and putting danger at peace
through the sound and waves heard and unheard
drenching us all with life, love and hope
Music is our home
Keep it by your side

Amanda Heyes

The Natural Stress Of Today’s Communication Dynamics

Attention: This piece may be best read in a private space, as I speak about the possible emotional experiences you may have had or be experiencing, in regards to communication with others.
Further, I write about what I currently believe, feel or think. The following ideas are all beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that I have accumulated in my mind over the years, from everyone and everything I have ever been in contact with. I do not believe that anything I apparently know is solely from me. Remember as you read that I could be wrong about everything I say, and I am okay with that. I am simply encouraging myself to raise my voice.

The dynamics of communication today are very different to those of my childhood, where paper phone book’s and wired telephone’s were like prized possessions. The phone book was the most valuable member of the bookcase, where it stored the names, phone numbers and addresses of everyone in the city. By knowing a person’s first and last name, as well as their phone number, I would be able to find out their address and vice versa. I see a privacy issue here, do you?

The dynamics of communication are not the only area that has changed since then. Today, people may have more privacy in regards to whom they tell their address to. However, we have less privacy in just about every other area of our lives, especially if you are sharing your life with people whom you may not truly know, via social media. What’s more, is that this sharing is locked in, as in, once you share something online, people can find it, even after it is deleted. In contrast, if I said something embarrasing or hurtful over the phone, it would be in the air and even though I could not take it back, I would only have one person to apologise to, and after apologising, the air would clear up pretty quickly…. hopefully.

Today, our conversations outside ourselves, especially via social media, can lead to many people being upset with us, putting us down, raising us up or causing some type of emotional reaction. These emotional reactions may or may not be detrimental to our health. Now, I know people experienced these emotional reactions in their lives before the bonds of our cellphones came into play. However, I feel as though the issue of lack of privacy and increased self-exposure has been emphasised in a whole new way, as the more people we express ourselves to, the more people we give the opportunity to judge us.

There is strength in numbers, in that, if many people express themselves in the same way towards you, you are more likely to believe them, especially after hearing the same words over and over in the long term. The worst part of strength in numbers, is when people are talking negatively about you and/or to you, or making you feel bad or upset about yourself. This may even lead to you feeling anxiety, depression and so much hurt that you may wonder if you are worthy of life at all. While the best part of strength in numbers, is when people are helping you build, or carry on building, your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-care, making you feel like you can do anything, and you are worthy as a human, an equal in the world.

Do you realise how much more emotionally vulnerable we all are today than say 25 years ago? We place our lives, thoughts, feelings and our inner selves into the world, hoping and perhaps praying that people will accept us for what we send out, not exactly for who we truly are. Do you see how the dynamics have changed in communication? It’s not as easy as saying, “well, your lucky today, because when I was younger we didn’t have cellphones or the internet at our fingertips…” Is lucky the right word? Texting, emails, messenger, and other applications and devices which hold communication abilities, are all ways people could contact me. Even though I may not feel like talking to anyone, I know I need to when I start reaching for my phone …. with anxiety…. wondering if anyone has contacted me.

Have you ever felt anxious while awaiting a message, such as a text? Some people may not think about the response and feel no reason to await a message of any kind. However, I am thinking that most of us have awaited a message or contact with someone at some point in your lives. A child or other family member, friend, partner, and possible employment contacts, are all examples of people you may await a response from, for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps the difficulty lies when we are anticipating a response. Afterall, we have super fast ways to contact each other nowadays, so some may wonder why we are not recieving messages as quickly. The answer is that we are humans and not robots, although sometimes we may wonder. People are often busy, perhaps sometimes more busy in their minds than in any other way. People can feel unsure of what to say and may need to think about it for a while, or they could so busy they forget to message you back. There are many reasons for someone not contacting us back in the time we wish them to. However, I do understand that especially during a highly stressful moment, where you have contacted someone about something important to you, and are awaiting their reply, even seconds can feel like a life time. It is okay and natural to feel anxiety at any time. Perhaps you could think about why you feel the anxiety. Could you be worried about what the person you messaged has to say?

If you find yourself in a moment where your anxiety starts to rise, it is most likely that you need to express yourself in some way, in order to encourage a sense of peace during this time. Talking to someone else, or going out into the world and finding people to talk to, even small talk, can help the nerves calm down. Other ways to express yourself include, imperfectly fun: creative writing, drawing, dancing, going for a walk in the fresh air, cooking, baking, watching a movie, playing a video game (perhaps a peaceful one) or something you enjoy. In regards to watching a movie during high stress, movies do affect our emotions and physical response. Therefore, perhaps a funny movie is helpful if you are feeling down, sad, angry, or frustrated. In contrast, if you feel emotionally numb, perhaps a movie that makes you cry would be more helpful. The reason for this is that crying is a physical self-expression, in which allows your body, mind and soul a sense of freedom from emotional build up… or I could be wrong, but that is my experience :)

Another option to express yourself, is to have a conversation with someone whom you can talk to, while allowing you to work through your feelings and thoughts. During stressful times contacting someone can encourage a sense of self-expression that will hopefully prevent or manage any upset, panic, confusion or hardship you may be experiencing. All emotions, feelings and thoughts are okay. See if you can allow those thoughts to flow through your mind by allowing them to be heard by you. Sometimes thoughts and feelings are simply asking for your acknowledgment and awareness that they are there. Or perhaps they are ready to be released because you realise those thoughts are not true for you anymore, such as “I am not good enough”. Everyone is good enough, many people just need to be aware of that. Prevention of emotional build up is often best, so if you are feeling down and are not sure who to talk to, try calling or free texting one of the following numbers.

Depression Line NZ 0800 111 757 or free text 4202
Life Line NZ 0800 543 354 or free text 4357
Youthline NZ 0800 376 633 or free text 234

Speaking allowed can lower anxiety, stress, and that feeling of a lump in your throat, or that stomach mind – butterfly feeling, especially when your self expression is well received, or you are talking about experiences that make you feel happy. Remember that your privacy is important, because the more you give out, the more vulnerable you become, and that’s okay, but being aware of it can be helpful. Being aware of what goes on within yourself during communication and the absence of it, can help you understand yourself better. Learning about yourself through face-to-face communication , can encourage people to grow even more, emotionally stronger and more resilient over time. It can also help increase the resources, skills, and abilities you all already have available to you.

Anxiety and depression or enthusiasm and empowerment can definitely increase, due to our connection to our cellphone’s. It’s like the cellphone is our prized possession, it’s like a human we feel compelled to look to for support. Even though most messages come from people, we cannot see those people in front of us, and as we need to connect with something or someone as a form of subtle attachment, our cellphone becomes the door that may set our soul free or block it from freedom.

From what you are reading, it may seem that the connection to our phone today is similar to that of the wired telephone, 25 years ago. However, the difference is that we often did not rely on electronic devices to communicate overall. Instead, we would have reason to go out into the world, meet people and even spend a lot of time with the neighbours. So perhaps, 25 years ago, we were creating our worlds more externally, and nowadays we create our worlds more internally. Do you understand how this strong internal change of communication can lead us to being more emotionally vulnerable? This is different to war times as well, because often people lived internally, often without any self-expression. Today, we often live internally by electronic devices but still express ourselves in a way that appears we are not. Perhaps, this is where anxiety and other emotions, due to our vulnerable senses, come into play.

Face-to-face communication is often more valuable and meaningful than any other form. This may be due to human connection. Human connection through face-to-face communication to me, has many layers of learning, understanding and increasing our life experience, three fold. It is more powerful because of our emotions, feelings and thoughts, that are going on in one’s body, mind and soul, that another person can connect with, in a subconscious way (without both people being aware of it). Perhaps I am speaking about the sense of energy or you may call it, spirituality, that pieces everyone and everything together. If we believe that everything is energy, then we are not energy within ourselves, but universally connected. However, the only way to receive the most benefit from this connection is most often when we are communicating face-to-face.

Animals can connect to humans in unseen ways, that can make us feel a deeper connection to our intuitive forces. Often, when the animal is allowed to express itself and act the way it needs to, (with behavioural lessons perhaps), they can look into our eyes and make us believe in love at first sight (similar to the way we may feel when we see a baby). They could also make us believe, that our face to face communications and contact is so much more meaningful and powerful than any electronic message recieved. Yes, energetic connection can still be felt and understood no matter how far away a person is, even if that person is dead, perhaps, due to our inner connections to life. However, I know you know (or I hope you know) how special it is, to stand face-to-face with someone whom loves you unconditionally, wants you to enjoy your life, and be yourself, or perhaps supports and appreciates you. Face-to-face connection, especially through touch, such as hugging, hand shaking, and gently placing a hand on someone’s shoulder or arm (if a person feels comfortable with that), is important in creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We all (adults aswell) need closeness, nurture, and bonding, and face-to-face communication is a brave step toward these healthy and connected experiences.

As you continue your communication journey, remember that you will be affected, whether you know it or not, by the way you communicate. If you most usually contact people via electrical devices, you will most likely experience more of a bond with that device than any human. How does that sound to you? I hope that if you do not have supportive people in your life whom you can see face-to-face, that you go out in to the world, be brave, and start talking. During any communication, emotions will arise, it’s natural, but you may not feel comfortable, and that’s okay too. If you feel unsafe, perhaps walk away and find someone you do feel safe around. However, remember that there is a difference between anxiety and feeling truly unsafe, and of course you are the only one who can learn to tell the difference between them. The more you experience face-to-face communication, the more you will become aware of what you like, dislike, and want, when it comes to contact with people.

Communication today can be stressful, helpful, encouraging and so much more. Any type of communication can be helpful. However, the most benefit you will recieve is through the face-to-face kind, where you feel supported by the other person. Have fun communicating today.

PS. I hope this has been valuable to you, that you recognise my openness and hopefully appreciate my honesty, while allowing myself the chance to be vulnerable with you. Writing this has helped me understand myself and my beliefs even better. I appreciate you taking the time to read this!

Enjoy your week!

You Are Valuable!

Attention: The following piece of writing may not make any sense. :-) I have so much rolling around in my mind. I like to express myself in the most natural form. The following piece may be academically incorrect, and include words that are not in the dictionary, but perhaps if you like the idea of reading something different, interesting or maybe inspiring (hopefully), then you may enjoy it. Go on, I dare you to carry on reading. :-)

Knowing your deepest values (equality, freedom, honesty, curiosity, self development, or whatever they may be) is like a torch into your soul. When you understand your values and yourself better, more today than yesterday, you will be able to find ways to live your life in line with those values. Awareness is the key. Awareness can be scary though. Seeing so deep inside yourself can switch the light on to learning things about yourself you wish you never knew. Then again, without knowing, you are less likely to figure out what would create the most joy in your life. Understanding and encouraging growth through your values would also lead to benefiting the people around you. Feeling empowered, understood, loved, connected and valued are wonderful experiences and feelings that can encourage us to feel so much joy. Joy within ourselves can lead to joy in others, similar to the idea that laughing is somewhat infectious. You laugh, I laugh.

I love seeing people genuinely enjoying their lives, and that is what leads me to work so closely with people in the community.

Hang on though! You may think that your current life is not going well, and you may not be able to notice how your life can improve, no matter how deep you look inside. Does that sound like you right now? The natural ups and downs of life can seem like your internal roller coaster has flown way off the tracks. I have wondered many times, whether I am valuable as a person and in a group….. I am. We all are. We all have our gifts to offer the world. These gifts may not be seen, heard or felt in a way we may usually notice. In this case, it can be difficult to see our own value, or perhaps for others to see our value.

I believe we are all connected, in such a deep way that seeps into every corner of our being, not just as a single person, but in a sense of unity.
We are one, but perhaps we can be so clouded, with apparent knowledge, developed fears, and people that encourage our suffering, that we miss the peace and love that can provide us with what we need to keep going, in a loving way. Perhaps that cloudedness makes us miss our oneness connection, that makes us wake up in the morning and smile. Have you experienced that morning smile? Have you ever felt so excited about your life that you just know that everything will work out? I love that feeling! I remember travelling across Australia on my own, feeling free, independent, and carrying such a strong passion for life that I knew deep down, from my inner core, from the depths of my intuitive senses, that everything was going to be okay. When was the last time you felt like that? I love those moments, when I feel so intensely sure that everything will work out, that I will be able to get through any and every experience that comes my way, no matter how hard it is/seems. I have people around me who help me get through. I am independent but I see the benefit in connectivity. Without all the random and continued help, love and support from other people, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

As I watch my passion for bringing people together come to life, because of the people around me, I feel internally strong and empowered, to show people that they are valuable and that they can feel excited about their life too.

Poem: Raise Your Voice – Teen Memories

Suppression of expression rolled firmly through my young life.
Should I speak at all, I wondered.
Is my voice, being heard, worth the fight?

Push the feelings and thoughts deep down,
too many people would encourage.
Internally, my life was a mess.
I wished I could be a little bit more courageous.

To say what I needed and wanted to say,
was that really too much to hear?
It needed to be okay to speak,
even if it seemed wrong, dark, or showed my inner fears.

As I built up the courage,
to say what was true for me,
tears streamed down my face.
At last, I felt a little free.

As my voice started rolling,
it may have become a little annoying.
I still kept speaking up,
to rise from my internal dust.

Forgiveness of those who suppressed my inner voice.
And thank you to those who listened.
I appreciate the people,
who could hear my inner calling.

Today, I send a message to you.
Will you raise your voice,
and speak your inner truth?
Self-expression can encourage growth,
you may feel less stressed,
and less alone.

It’s okay to feel.
It’s okay to cry.
No matter what your gender,
you will feel stronger,
once you share your truth in life.

Amanda Heyes

Face-To-Face Communication Can Be Fun

Communication lives in different ways these days, compared to my youthful stages of running around the neighbourhood and talking to people on the street. There are a huge range of ways to communicate today, but I wonder how many of them lead us to face-to-face communication. You know, the type where you are seeing a human person in front of you. You can speak, perhaps nervously, with the ability to understand another person in ways that are unseen and unknown, to the technological forces that play such a huge role in our current lives.

Have you been watching people talk? You could see so many emotions washing through their body and flushing out through their faces. Or perhaps, there is such a lack of emotion, where you might wonder how that person must feel in that moment. How have you felt when in conversations with others? Often the answer revolves around many different things. For example, picture a lake with ducks flying from the depths of sky and landing gently on the surface of the water. Surrounded by tall and grounded brown coloured, green leafy trees. Beyond the boundary of the lake, an inviting rich caramel coloured bench sits beneath trees full of birds, joyfully chirping. As you sit on the bench your body fills with love, peace, excitement. Your heart feels calm and your earlier stresses begin to fade. As your smile grows up to your eyes, a person (imagine someone) whom you have never met asks to take a seat next to you, to breathe in the fresh air and scenery. You welcome them with a strong sense of peace, with a slight sense of anxiety because a “stranger” is sitting next to you. “It’s a beautiful place isn’t it?” The person asks with smiling eyes and a calm space about them. “Yes, it is, (smiling and looking their way), I wish I could live here”, you reply. “Me too (giggling). See the ducks over there……” they continue.

A conversation can be wonderful in a moment, where the scenery flows and peace surrounds you. In a scenery where people are rushing through the mall and guided by the people around them, the conversation will most likely feel very different. Sitting on a seat next to another in this space, may feel more overwhelming and perhaps lead you to feel too constricted to speak unless you were spoken to. If two people whom had a chance to communicate thought that way, there would no conversation to begin with. Scenery is helpful, but conversations anywhere, even through a random, kind comment can be enough to brighten up a person’s day. Even if they don’t smile, they look sad or annoyed that you said anything at all. To speak, is to share your life moments with another and that is the fun of communication.