Dating Dynamics – The Dark Side

Below are in the moment thoughts, meaning that it is one perspective which I think many people could connect to. I am not striving to be right about anything, but perhaps the main point in reading this is that if you have been through some difficult times in the dating field, you may relate to

28 Dec 2019

Gifting A Baby

This is not about me, I have never had a baby or gifted a baby in my life and I am not thinking about it for myself within my future. However, I watched a television show about mothers needing to gift their babies to adoptive parents, and that made me think about how it might

23 Nov 2019

Self-Care Tactics

Self-care is very important and needs to be an everyday experience in our lives so we can function well over the long term. Overall, do what feels right for you and creates more joyful moments in your life. Note: I am not a therapist or doctor of any kind, shocking I know. Each singular method/idea

03 Nov 2019

Learning To Build A Healthy Relationship

The deeper we connect with another, the scarier life may feel. The more anxiety and the more distance you may feel from yourself, as you mould your life around another. You create boundaries to feel safe and you feel safe enough to speak up when something does not feel right. The other person listens because

30 Oct 2019

Poem: I Was A Victim

Introduction: Abuse followed me throughout my childhood, teenager years and seeped into my adulthood, which is what inspired this poem of mine. If abuse has ever been a part of your life, find people you can talk to and allow yourself the self-expression and emotional release you need to start the healing process. Love to

01 Sep 2019

Communication Can Be Difficult

Sometimes we forget or do not realise how difficult communication and self-expression can be for some people. What a person has gone through may not seem difficult to you but everyone goes through life with their own perspective. What may seem easy for you can be heartbreaking to another, especially if they have been through

16 Jul 2019

Short Story: Healing Through Love And Nurture

Note: Exploring the imperfect sense of creativity through writing is important to me, this is why the following short story has not been edited. Imperfection and mistakes are what can lead us to magic in an apparently broken road. Enjoy! The dragon’s untangled themselves from the chains that had held them so firmly to the

09 Jun 2019

Cheer-Up Song

There was a little old woman wearing a bright yellow coat. Trying to make herself feel better from the pain in her throat. She biked along the waterfront and almost crashed into the trees, looking at the clear blue sea that she had invisioned in her dreams. People smiled at her, as she biked beside

02 May 2019

Speaking Through Poetry

With the following poem there is no way of knowing what it is about exactly But perhaps if you read it your mind will wake up and feed it till your edit is clear and defined Poem: People colour their lives with rainbow faces sprinkle golden flakes on their lips and shower their eyes with

08 Apr 2019

Saying Goodbye

Lights sparkle and create a silence, a loving silence Spreading through the hours, moons envelope our strength We sacrifice our hope for a moment Guidance of the universe screams forward No journey has past without value A gate has closed, but certainty of significance dances in the air Dreams swing by as the light turns

01 Mar 2019
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